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Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
be worth. >> she was a woman of great anger and great rage. >> kathleen turner plays molly ivins on stage. >> getting an easy pass and virginia has just gotten easier. see the places where you can pick them up. >> turning to entertain the news -- a private memorial service was held to honor michael clark duncan who died after complications of a heart attack he suffered in july. the gentle giant is remembered for his role in "the green mile per "he is survived by his reality television star fiancee. >> blake lively and ryan reynolds tied the knot in a secret wedding. they have been dating for about one year and got married at booth hall plantation outside of charleston, south carolina. you might remember that site because it was in moved -- in the movie "the notebook." they apparently drove a cake down from virginia. that must have been some cake. >> how do you drive a cake? >> very carefully. >> very slowly. >> the two apparently met on the set of "the green lantern." >> kathleen turner is back on the stage in the nation's capital. >> she is playing a fiery role. arch campbell
Sep 25, 2012 7:30pm PDT
's movement by ignoring it. (molly haskell) in the late 60's to early 70's, when the movement peaked, women virtually disappeared from the cinema. where am i gonna get gravy at 8:00? i don't know, i thought it comes when you cook the meat. (narrator) in the late 1960's and 70's, women's roles in pictures diminished markedly, while their position in society appeared to improve. you didn't even know where this kitchen was 'til i came here and showed it to you! listen, you want to talk to me, buddy, put down that spoon. spoon! ha, ha, ha! you dumb ignoramus, that is a ladle! you did not know that's a ladle. (narrator) the new woman had become too hot to handle, and it would be years before romantic comedies returned. i can't believe i'm arguing with him over gravy. they're here. the tension between the sexes, the confusion of sexual roles, is so great, it's like it's no laughing matter. there are no comedies because nobody's laughing. (narrator) when romantic comedies did finally grapple with some of the issues raised by feminism, they presented the new woman with the same old choices. (james
Sep 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
years later thinks he can pick up right where he left off. let it go. this day is about you, molly, and nobody else. hey, mike, sorry to bother you, but have you heard from molly? she's not here yet, and we're starting to get a little worried about her. what? she's not here? just breathe. everything's gonna be fine. she will be here. christina, will you marry me? wah-wah-wah... victoria: hello? hello? anyone? i got no bars. that's the battery! oh. i got no battery. can i borrow your phone? yeah, it's in my back pocket. you don't have any pockets. exactly. excuse me, sir, can we borrow your cell phone? victoria, i don't think he has a phone. here you go. but i think we might be in a dead spot. come on, it's bad luck for a bride to miss her own wedding. hang on a second, i think i have a friend who lives in this neighborhood. you're kidding. what is he, a bail bondsman or a drug dealer? well, he's not a bail bondsman. any sign of molly yet? no, but everything else is under control. flynns on the left, biggs on the right. did you know that you both have aunts that look like uncles? oh
Sep 23, 2012 9:00am PDT
characters in your narrative here is molly small, and molly small says "i don't think there's anything wrong with something something on flights, if you have a plane for me, there's no reason for me to sit there and freak out the whole time when you could take a clonapin and pass out and not deal with it, because what are you going to do about it anyway? all this face your fear baloney, that's so very '80's, and i don't really believe in it, so this is more than recreational uses. this is to relieve, in this illustration, she is relieving fear of flying. >> ariel is talking about both things in her article.>> she is talking about the recreational use of medication, and also talking about entirely appropriate use of medication. a good example is molly small who has clearly been through the wars, uses her medication and uses it appropriately. i don't have any problems with the molly smalls. >> are we as a society, overly anxious? are we fixated on the dark side of life? have our highest officials pounded into our heads that we are in imminent dangersycho phat is the new drug from saddam hussei
Sep 19, 2012 5:00pm PDT
's go to molly ball and josh, let me start with you. clearly this has been horrendous horrendous. terrible stretch for mitt romney once again one of many unfortunately for him. how would you begin to make lemon made out of these lemons? >> i don't know that you can. the reason why this is damaging to mitt romney, he's the most opaque candidate since richard nixon. people don't know what he thinks or what he believes. he seems to be vulnerable to leaks like this and what this window says he doesn't care about a substantial portion of the country. i think he has to walk this back. he has to do what george bush senior did. it's the message i care thing. he has to really show that he really does care about the entirety of the country and he wants to implement policies that will make everybody office, and he doesn't believe that everybody is shiftless losers. the problem is that's opposite of what he said. >> eliot: he came out and he has doubled down, and not walked this back. did he not say this was taken out of context or i misquote. he has doubled down making the debate about redi
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Sep 29, 2012 10:00am PDT
stevens and three other americans were killed in the september 11th attack in benghazi and molly henneberg is following the story live in washington what happens next. >> she has her supporters including the president saying she's done extraordinary work at the united nations and providing the best knowledge that the administration had at the time. and john kerry, democratic chairman of the foreign relations committee says she's a quote enormously capable person, but republican congressman peter king is it not convinced. he wants to know why five days after the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others, ambassador rice stated publicly on several talk shows it was a spontaneous attack that grew out of an anti-muslim video when there was evidence it was a coordinated terror attack. >> ambassador rice should resign and we should investigate how high up this went and if the administration would voluntarily come forward and why they gave out this false information when they had to know there was so much else out there and yet, they wanted to rule out terrorism from the start.
Sep 8, 2012 10:15pm EDT
with marylou donahue and art website. molly smith, arena stage artistic director appeared leery lipman, a senior editor at aarp bulletin and former national press club president. rachel weiss, daughter of our speaker and singer-songwriter. [laughter] allison fitzgerald, freelance journalist and chairwoman of the speaker's committee. i was -- i will skipper speaker for just a moment. marilyn, sr. business news editor at npr and members of the speaker's committee and organizer of today's event. phyllis, i guess of our speaker, peggy ankle, a playwright and club is to remember, nancy julio aliaga, freelance journalist. [applause] harrod speaker today, kathleen turner, is an actress and a civic activist. she first came to prominence in the early 1980's when she starred as the femme foot-tall maddy playing opposite william hurt in the thriller "body heat." [applause] she went on to star in a wide range of popular films and plays, and even provided the voice for jessica rabbit, the acclaimed animated movie "who framed roger rabbit?" but even as her acting career was blossoming, turner mainta
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Sep 29, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, ambassador to libya. molly henneberg is live in washington. >> molly: the white house and state department are defending ambassador susan rice. a spokesman for barack obama says she has done extraordinary work for the american people. also democratic senator john kerry called rice, quote a remarkable public servant and state department put out a statement defending rice's comments to those sunday shows. the statement said, quote, at every turn, ambassador rice said she was providing the best information and best assessment that the administration had at the time. based on what was provided to ambassador rice and other senator senior intelligence committee but they knew one day of the assault that it was a coordinated terror attack likely tied to al-qaeda. congressman king wants to know why ambassador rice went on tv five days after the attack and said otherwise. >> the entire administration, miss informed the world and she was our representative to the world explaining what happened. virtually everything she said was wrong and the administration is trying to cover it by saying she was give
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
-pledged international crisis. both are in crisis mode. >> i'm toure. we're going to take a time-out with the molly ringwald at the table. >> you're in "the cycle" for thursday, september 13th. >>> today anti-american anger is inflamed across the middle east and north africa. protests allegedly sparked by that obscure anti-islam film spread across the region, now including yemen, iran, sudan and tunisia. riot police uted tear gas and water cannons to drive them back. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is closely watching the developments in yemen and across the region. >> we certainly hope and expect that there will be steps taken to avoid violence and prevent the escalation of protests into violence. >> protestors are back for a third day of riots in cairo, egypt where mass demonstrations are planned for tomorrow. all non-emergency personnel have been ordered out of libya. the pentagon has an additional warship off the libyan coast and a second one will arrive today. president obama spoke to the leaders from yemen and libya last night and asked for the assist en. today we learned one
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Sep 15, 2012 1:00pm PDT
there were multiple attacks on diplomatic attacks in benghazi and the consulate was a clear target. molly henneberg has more details from the white house. >> molly: there was an ide attack on that same consulate in benghazi in june. then the red cross in benghazi came under attack in august. they insist the 9/11 was in response to a privately made video posted on youtube in june that though found offensive. here is what part of the president said about it. >> there is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women. there are no excuse for attacks on consulates. we will not tolerate efforts to harm fellow americans. >> the body of chris stevens and three others killed in the attacks were brought back to andrews air force base yesterday. white house has been saying there is no information to suggest this was plea planned attack. the republican can chairman of the house intelligence committee isn't so sure. >> there is no high degree of confidence that it was or was not premeditated. there are still analysts who disagree from our civilians agencies and department of defens
Sep 19, 2012 11:00am PDT
was awakened by the barking of her dog molly. >> a little shed there, below the window and i tried to get her to jump out, she wouldn't jump out so i had to jump back in and pick her up. >> reporter: after she reescaped by jumping from the window to the top of that shed, this time with molly, two police officers grabbed a ladder and rescued them both. she first refused to be treated for smoke inhalation. police say she had to be placed in a squad car she calmed down agreed to be treated and taken to the hospital as was a firefighter for burns to his leg. two others had been in the apartment with her, everyone got out. >> initial primary and secondary soy was conducted no one was found to be in that apartment. >> reporter: where the fire raged, below were carol and bill. >> i saw a red light and i looked out and bill said, fire. i looked out and sure enough. we tie tailed it out. >> reporter: several people from other units need1! 0y somewhere else to stay in some cases maybe just one night. >> kind of like a shock because it never happened before. we are just taking it minute by minute. >> re
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Sep 29, 2012 3:00pm PDT
was a coordinated terrorist tack. today a leading lawmaker calling on ambassador rice to resign. molly henneberg, who wants the ambassador to step down? >> reporter: it is congressman peter king, the republican chaiuse homeland security committee, the first lawmaker to call for ambassador rice's resignation. he wants to know why she went on sunday talk shows, five days after the attack and said it was a spontaneous event even though king says there was circumstantial evidence that it was a terror attack. >> entire administration has handled this wrong from the start misinformed the american people, misinformed the world she was our representative to the world. supposedly explaining what happened. everything she said was wrong. the administration is now trying to cover it by saying she was given the best information they had available at the time. >> reporter: a state department spokesperson says ambassador rice made it clear when she was discussing the act tack that killed ambassador stevens and three other americans that the investigation was still going on. >> arthel: the question is, was it t
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Sep 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. 11 years to the day. molly live at the white house we are learning that the state department to board planes and get out. let's go first to tunisia and the state department is going 32. l and yesterday protestors scaled the walls of the embassy comand set fire to a gym and american school all personnel are safe and accounted for. and warned americans about traveling there. and they are stopping protestors from scaling the wall. look at what happened what do we know and i was telling viewers about the lead up to the attack. and ambassador and three other americans were killed. they had been a target previously and over all the security situation and concerns and benghazi prevously. and tell me what happened. an ied and improvised explosive device was thrown in benghazi and the british ambassor motor cade was injured. and the red cross building was struck by rpg. the white house insists there was no actionable intelligence. and they couldn't have prevented it that's what the white house said. >> molly henningburg. a program no. the latest reaction from top u.s. government officials and
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Sep 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. molly live at the white house we are learning that the state department to board planes and get out. let's go first to tunisia and the state department is going 32. l and yesterday protestors scaled the walls of the embassy comand set fire to a gym and american school all personnel are safe and accounted for. and warned americans about traveling there. and they are stopping protestors from scaling the wall. look at what happened what do we know and i was telling viewers about the lead up to the attack. and ambassador and three other americans were killed. they had been a target previously and over all the security situation and concerns and benghazi prevously. and tell me what happened. an ied and improvised explosive device was thrown in benghazi and the british ambassor motor cade was injured. and the red cross building was struck by rpg. the white house insists there was no actionable intelligence. and they couldn't have prevented it that's what the white house said. >> molly henningburg. a program no. the latest reaction from top u.s. government officials and anti-american sentiment
Sep 24, 2012 7:00am PDT
.com/mainstreet >>> gayle is in the green room. >> hello. guess who i found? this is billy gardell star of "mike and molly." you play who? >> i play molly. >> you play mike. you're a little not under the weather but a little disappointed because the series didn't win yesterday. >> i'm just glad i'm in new york that way i don't have to talk to the raiders fans. >> he's here because tonight is the premier of "mike and molly" and when the show ended you two got married and you're on the honeymoon. >> i'm married in real life and on tv and oil never be right again. >> we'll work with him.him. that's coming up ahad. your local news is next. billy joins us right after the break. starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1, plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. even for calls within the same area code, you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code, plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! for more information, contact your service provider or visit us on the web. >>> and headlines all lanes of interstate 680 have now opened in pleasanton aft
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Sep 15, 2012 10:00am PDT
to the murder of ambassador stevens and three others on this september 11th. and molly henneberg is here to tell bus that. interesting, molly. tell us more. >> there was an ied attack, an improvised explosive device attack in in june and rocked propelled grenades in august. but, as far as the consulate attack goes, the the white house says it was in response to an online video that was put on youtube back in june, that some muslims found offensive and here is what president obama had to say about it in his weekly internet and radio address. >> there's no religion that condones the murder of innocent men and women and no excuse on our consulates. so long as i'm commander-in-chief, they'll never tolerate harm to fellow americans. >> the bodies of ambassador chris stevens and three others killed in the attack were brought back to andrews air force base yesterday and the white house says there's no information to suggest that this was a pre-planned attack, but the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee isn't so sure. >> there is no high degree of confidence that it was or was not pr
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Sep 29, 2012 9:00am PDT
and on the hill are coming to the ambassador's defense. molly hennenberg has the latest on this story. molly? >> congressman peter king, the republican chair of the house homeland security securities committee is the first lawmaker to call for u.n. ambassador susan rice's resignation. he objects to her going on the sunday talk shows two weeks ago and stating that the libya attack appeared to be a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim video when there was already evidence that it may have been a terror attack. >> either ambassador rice was deliberately misleading the american people or showed such a lack of knowledge and sophistication she shouldn't hold the position anymore. the entire administration has misinformed the american people, misinformed the world, and she was their spokeswoman, our representative to the world. virtually everything she said was wrong. >> others are praising ambassador rice, a spokesman for president obama saying she's done extraordinary work at the united nations, and the state department says she provided the information there was at the time. another statement,
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Sep 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. they are asking for guarantee for the troops. molly just so people know. the law specifically requires that the defense department to set up a voters assistance office on every military base. is that happening? >> the inspector general checked on those voters assistance office and wrote in a report we attempted to contact are you percent of the enstallation and bases. results were clear. attempt to contact ibao's. failed about 50 percent of the time. republican senators six of them. they are alarmed by this . say it is a clear violation of the 2 you law. they wrote, dod's implementation . on base voters assistance program is at best a hollow exercise. many of the voters assistance office are inadquate and half of them are closed or unstaffed. the senators say this law is not optional and the defense department needs to act immediately to get in compliance. >> these are sharp observations by the senators and what is the response from the pentagon. >> the pentagon said there is a simple explanation and that the contact information and inspector using was outdated. diagram we have bases t
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Sep 1, 2012 1:00pm PDT
voting for all residents before election day. molly henneberg is live with more details on this. >> molly: there was a law in ohio that had set the fry fri before the tuesday election as the last day for early in person voting except for residents living overseas. federal judge decided yesterday that this law was unconstitutional. allowed more voting time for some voters meaning the military and not others. said ohio cannot implement it. the obama campaign and democrats had sued the state of ohio over this law saying in part it would affect low income voters unfairly. after a judge's decision an obama spokesman says we are pleased they restored early access to voting. the people of ohio had overwhelmingly expressed their desire to preserve the early voting system which had been so successful in recent years. but ohio's attorney general and secretary of state both republicans who have to enforce stated laws saying local election boards need the last three days before an election to prepare for the big day. they said in a statement, quote, we have always allowed distinction for military vot
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 3:00pm PDT
.s. embassy and pushing the protesters into tahrir score. we have more with molly henneberg live in washington and leeland vittert in egypt. we'll start with lee land. what's cairo like right now? >> behind me, tahrir square. it is a tense calm here this morning and this evening there are hundreds if not thousands of riot police who have been stationed around the city and then also around the u.s. embassy just in case these protesters came back. overnight it was a fierce street battle, would be the best word for it. tear gas and rubber bullets being fired by the army, which had dug in. the protesters hurling rocks and molotov cocktails and started just after friday prayers when things really picked up. a few thousand protesters, number of them carrying islamic flags, that black flag they had raised over the american embassy on tuesday. also large posters of osama bin laden, four or five feet tall posters and they would chant, obama, obama, we are all osamas, referring, of course, to osama bin laden. the arabian peninsula has not missed this opportunity to speak out. they're praising the attac
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
. it is a very challenging time for the coalition forces. molly henneberg joins us live from washington. molly the defense secretary said the surge did what it needed to do. what does he mean? >> he means the troops went in, they helped with the ongoing transition from nato-led security to after fan-led security and they are out on schedule. that's what secretary leon panetta says. he went on in a statement to say that the last surge troops leaving afghanistan, quote, is an opportunity to recognize that the surge accomplished its objectives of reversing taliban momentum on the battlefield and dramatically increased the size and capability of the afghan national security forces. secretary panetta says the 68,000 american troops still in afghanistan remain in a quote, tough fight, and he says the full transition to afghan control will be complete by the end of 2014 when the u.s. and other in it tow allies plan to pull out the rest of the troops. martha: i mentioned in the introduction, molly that green on blue violence that we have seen so much of. the defense secretary has had a bit of a differ
Sep 12, 2012 1:00pm PDT
one of the light fixtures at the restaurant. >> holy molly. >> they go around and get back behind the counter into the employee area and get physical. she starts beating one of the cooks that came out to offer to give her her cheese omelet before everyone else. >> she should be thankful that a place like this stays open so you can get an egg omelet -- >> did end up identifying her as 21-year-old erica chambers, she was arrested and charged with third degree assault. >> she's not going to get her omelet at all. she missed out. >> no. no. >> got to tell you guys, just a wild and downright scary attempted robbery at a grocery store of all places. look at this. in walks a turtle on roller skates and he goes straight for the lettuce. towards the food of choice for all turtles. ♪ this guy here in the suspenders is like, is this really happening? he goes after him. takes him down. turtle loses the lettuce. and eventually skates his way out of there empty handed. this isn't one of the ninja turtles. raphael and donatello were all cleared of suspects from this incident. this is french hu
Sep 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
tried to continue his way into the cockpit of an airplane. and the star from ""mike and molly"" will visit this morning. for now that will do it for the morning news for this monday. as always appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody, have a great day. iate you watching. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody, have a great day. ,,,, >>> we begin with some breaking news out of a wood. it's happening on had mission. in one person has been shot.
Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
campaign to funnel billions to our schools. attorney molly maunder is the biggest backer spending $20 million of art. she says the money will not go to the general fund but directly to the schools k through 12 and to early childhood programs. >> the money in 38 for the schools is barricaded from sacramento >> prop. 38 would raise the income taxes for almost anyone on a sliding scale. $75,000, you pay $1,082. 150,000, shell out 2700 in taxes and this will last for 12 years >> governor brown wants voters to support his ballot initiative, proposition 30. it raises sales tax a quarter percent for the next four years and raises income tax on those making more than $250,000 annual for the next seven years >> proposition 30 is pretty simple. a temporary tax, the money goes into a fund that can only go to schools. >> a political expert says the governor can only guarantee that money will go to education this year because it is in the budget. >> after that it is harder to say, the money goes into the general fund and the governor and legislature despite what it will be spent on and it is hard
Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm PDT
will be hopefully my last tuxedo i will wear it will go to molly there is life after basketball, i'm having a great time >>> come on out and have a cup of coffee on now with me i have the coffee shop and shaved ice c'mon down. >>> will do that coach. two tennis the all granting u.s. open semis share a poll the, she took the first set she stormed back and took the next two to gain the final period heaven on gloria and i see it for this one you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with chevron with techron. oh. well in that case, yeah, i am cool, after all. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
Sep 1, 2012 2:07am PDT
molly in the west africa. the drums -- be ware of sea birds, be ware of men that steal up the river through the great forest. and into the savannah lands. the moans and groans, hundreds, thousands stolen, we rarely speak the taken, i will this time because you have asked. come back, back, back, far edge of memory. we recall them and they are black smith, by all accounts a master craftsman, worthy of praise, honored as a powerful magician. one who could speak the old names of the mother elements, earth, fire, water, wind. they would do as bidding, think. people sing praise songs. he was a gifted black smith. he is not remembered for that. he is best remembered for being a loving father. when his beloved wife died only after a year and embraced his newborn son, i will raise you myself. the elder women with argued against it saying you'll grow up wild without a gentle hand of a mother, a gentle hand to guide him. must divide by custom, take another wife or give the baby to a mother who is childless. how will you feed the baby? you have no milk to give. dinka would not change his mind.
Sep 10, 2012 11:00am PDT
' grand challenges. next is molly turner. joe could not make it. she is the director of public policy. next is leah of in market place where you could outsource small jobs and tasks. it is a pioneering service network, a concept she conceived and has evangelized. service networking describes the productive power of a web based social network community. since its founding in 2008, she has grown to more than 40 employees and has expanded to boston, chicago, los angeles, new york city, portland, san francisco, and seattle, with several more markets to come. under her leadership, it was named one of the next big things in tech by the wall street journal, the start up to watch by ink magazine. please welcome leah. jamie wong is the co-founder and ceo of her vision of a more open world and exchanges through travel is the driving force. her commitment to bringing travel experiences to the world by making it easier to find, create, and book provides a platform for the community. she is a dynamic creative and leader with a passion for bringing ideas to market the cha
Sep 10, 2012 11:30am PDT
do a rock launch page. molly, let's chat with you. there was a city hearing about applying hotel tax to your rentals. tell us about what happened. >> last wednesday, the tax collector called a hearing to discuss the applicability of the transient occupancy tax to short-term rentals and operators. we were concerned about this tax and its applicability to airbnb and our community. they showed up in great numbers at the hearing. our main concern is that we vote regularly to increase our own taxes. i do not think any of us are completely opposed to taxes. our concern is the tax code was written in 1961, long before the sharing economy existed, the internet, and the new thing we call airbnb. something that was written for corporate hotels and guests should not be applied to something that is entirely new, to permanent residents of san francisco who are occasionally renting out a couch or bedroom to a visitor, with whom the form great lasting friendships quite often. we announced that the entire city family take time to think about whether the existing laws should apply to the new activity
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 202 (some duplicates have been removed)